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Oct 02, 2022
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In this, the lesson is to be creative, know your audience, and launch a personalized campaign that speaks directly to them. 4. Run an ABM Pilot Campaign If you’re new to ABM or simply want to do a trial run of your campaign, consider launching a pilot campaign. This is where you launch your campaign but at a smaller scale in order to test the results and adjust accordingly. Some businesses do that by only reaching out to a handful of decision-makers at a particular organization. Or, they may reach out to a look-alike organization (similar company characteristics, lower states) to see how their campaigns with that audience. If the campaign does well or poorly, these insights can be applied to the “official” launch. One of the best ways to drive conversions on your ABM campaigns is to use retargeting. This involves marketing to organizations or decision-makers you have already interacted with before, or with organizations that might have visited Phone Number Database your website for the first time. Website tracking tools like Visitor Queue make this simple by collecting data from companies that visit your website. You’ll get a report of the company’s contact information, which you can use to target in Facebook Ads, display ads, or email campaigns. Since the organization has interacted with your business before, they’ll be familiar with your brand and more likely to buy compared to a cold audience. Personalize Your Landing Pages It’s not enough to simply set targeting parameters on your campaigns – you’ll need to craft compelling content that convinces your audience to buy. This is where it might be handy to hire a professional copywriter. A copywriter will be able to research your audience’s pain points and work this into the copy on your ads, social media posts, and landing pages. They’ll write click-worthy calls-to-action that inspire your audience to take action and sign up to work with you.
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